Mattea D'Amore

Various roles for film, TV and commercials

PYT Seniors student, Mattea has acted in a wide range of film and TV productions including over 15 student film projects, feature films 'Descending Roads', 'Red Green Blue' and 'Available' and commercials for Nintendo, Google Nexxus and Centropol. Her most recent job was for the Sky1/Amazon series, 'Britannia' currently shooting in the Czech Republic and due for release in 2017.

Mila Pesova

Voice-over for animated film and series 'Rosa & Dara'

PYT Juniors student, Mila played 'Rosa' in the English version of an animated series and short film about two sisters who go on incredible adventures with their grandma and dog.
Since the premiere in Prague in October 2015, the film has been shown at a number of international film festivals. It recently won a distinction award in the children's section of the Seoul International Cartoon and Animation Festival.

Alex Alden

Various TV & film roles

PYT alumnus, Alex has appeared in a number of student film projects and commercials and starred as 'Kent' in the Canadian TV series, 'Clay's POV'. More recently he's been cast in a major new American TV series, 'Knightfall' currently shooting in Czech Republic, and a brand-new National Geographic series directed by Ron Howard, entitled 'Genius', due to premiere in America in spring 2017. Alex has recently taken on the role of PYT Instagram Maestro and Vlogger.

Sean Renwick

Various TV & film roles

PYT Seniors student Sean has acted in a number of student film projects including ‘An Infinite Jest’ and ‘Off Track’. In 2013 he appeared in ‘Snowpiercer’ alongside Chris Evans and Jamie Bell and most recently Sean was cast in the Fox TV series ‘Legends’ with Sean Bean.

William Lizr

Various TV and student film roles

William has been attending Prague Youth Theatre since it was founded. In 2014 he was approached by a Danish student from the Prague film school FAMU with a role in her short film. His experience on screen paid off when he was chosen for a small role in the biographical TV series Genius, shot in the Czech Republic.