Meet the Team

Adam Stewart

PYT Founder & Artistic Director

Before moving to the Czech Republic in 2005, Adam honed his theatre skills in London and at the Edinburgh Festival as a member of the National Youth Music Theatre. He then studied Acting and Education at Bretton Hall University in the north of England where he received a BA (hons). For over 25 years Adam has worked extensively in theatre, television, film and as a drama practitioner/educator in New York, Prague and throughout Europe. Adam holds a Post Graduate Certificate of Education and was Head of Drama at the English International School of Prague for 5 years and Head of Drama at Novy PORG for 2 years. As well as being the Artistic Director of PYT, Adam is kept busy with his young daughter and also regularly performs as part of the Cimrman English Theatre company at Zizkovske Divadlo.

Rosie Dwelly

PYT Company Manager

After a childhood spent dancing, acting, singing and playing music, Rosie graduated with a BA in Performing Arts and Dance Studies from the University of Winchester (UK) in 2003. She went on to pursue a career in event management, spending five years organising large-scale corporate, fundraising, and faculty events for various British university institutions and co-founding and managing a successful, regular, live music night and PR/artist management solutions company. Since re-locating to Prague in 2008, she has been busy putting her organisational and administrative skills and love of the arts to good use in various roles including the Administrative Director of the Prague Film & Theater Center (2011 - 2016), General Manager of the Prague Fringe Festival, and Operations Manager at the BECOMING (2021 - present). Rosie has been working with PYT since 2015, first as Social Media Manager, and now as the Company Manager and is thrilled to have the privilege of witnessing the creative development of such talented young people.

Kevin Quis

PYT Acting Teacher

Kevin has only recently moved to Prague but is excited by the charm and wonder of the city. Previously, he has worked on stages in Texas (Texas Central Theatre) and South Carolina (Rosalind Sallenger Richardson Center for the Arts). After graduating from Wofford College with a BA in Theatre and History, Kevin worked at an Elementary School for two years in Texas, helping teach small groups as well as run the theatre club after-school. With a long history of acting and performing within the US, he has recently moved to the Czech stage and has begun performing around Prague. As a child who grew up loving the community and adventure of live theatre, Kevin is passionate about showing what true magic can happen on stage to others, regardless of background or identity.

Esperanza Berrocal Welsh

PYT Acting Teacher

Since she was young, Esperanza has had a passion for theatre and acting. Before graduating from the drama school "Escuela Superior de Arte Dramático" in Seville, Spain, she had already worked as a storyteller for four years. After finishing her studies, Esperanza spent a year in Ireland working as a drama facilitator as well as acting and collaborating with different international directors.

She has participated in many Erasmus+ projects for youth workers all over Europe and has discovered the art of sharing her knowledge with others through theatre.

Esperanza’s passion for teaching drama has led her to PYT, where she hopes to continue her journey as a teacher while showing how fascinating acting can be.

Sadjida Watkinson

PYT Acting Teacher

Originally from Uzbekistan, Sadjida has been living in the Czech Republic since she was 8 years old. She joined Prague Youth Theatre as a student in 2016 and throughout the years discovered and developed her passion for acting. She has been working with us since 2021 as an assistant with the Juniors and Seniors groups, she also hand-illustrates the team's portraits. Sadjida is excited to move into a teaching role and being able to help young people find their identity and confidence through theatre, just like she did.

Ema Fassinger

Teaching Assistant

Ema was born in the Czech Republic but moved to the US at a young age. After returning to Prague, she joined PYT in 2016. Not only did she discover a deep love for theatre, but she was able to build her confidence and better her public speaking skills, as well as learn the importance of teamwork. Ema is finishing her final year of high school and after graduating, she plans on studying political science at Charles University. She is thrilled at the opportunity to continue her journey in and around the world of theatre, and the possibility of helping young people find their voices, just like she did.

Laura van Steeg

Teaching Assistant

Laura was born in the Czech Republic and spent her childhood in Prague. Her passion for theatre and acting was sparked during her time with a Czech theatre company she joined for a few years when she was still in primary school. In 2019, Laura became a member of PYT, where she rekindled her love for acting and developed her confidence and teamwork skills. PYT provided her with a strong and supportive community that inspired her and helped her become a better actor and team player. After completing her gap year, Laura plans to study Media Studies at the University of Amsterdam. She hopes to help create an environment at PYT where young students can discover themselves through the beauty of theatre while enjoying the same kind of supportive community she experienced.

Christopher Paul Rossouw

Teaching Assistant

Christopher was born in Pretoria and moved to the Czech Republic in 2008. Christopher always had a love for acting and was able to further his passion at Prague Youth Theatre, where he found a love for Musical Theatre and took a short break to focus on musical training before returning in 2023. Prague Youth Theatre has helped him gain confidence and find a family like community where he can express himself and learn life long skills such as presentation, creativity, application of ideas and directing groups. Prague Youth Theatre gave Christopher the confidence to attend multiple auditions, granting him the opportunity to attend an after-school dance programme, and landing a role in the original cast of the Czech production of Beetlejuice the musical. Christopher is currently completing his last year of high school with the hopes of pursuing theatre in the future.