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Part-Time Acting Teacher, starting January 2022

Prague Youth Theatre is looking for a part-time Acting Teacher to join the team for the upcoming term from 8th January 2022 - 25th June 2022.

The job in summary:

The Acting Teacher will be responsible for leading theatre rehearsals for groups of young people and creating an end of term production in June. The Acting Teacher will also run one-to-one LAMDA examination classes leading to exams in June.

Who are we looking for:

The ideal candidate will have at least 1 year’s experience working with children and/or young people in a creative environment and have theatre/acting training to degree level (or equivalent). They will be proactive and happy to work independently when needed,and have confidence in their convictions and decision making skills. They will also be an active and cooperative member of the small team of teaching and operational staff that run the company. They will be a native English speaker, or will have a high (fluent) level of written and spoken English.

Key responsibilities:

Teaching Performance Course students for 2 contact hours every Saturday during term time. The session runs from 11:15 - 13:15hrs and will have between 15-30 students depending on enrollment.

Preparing Exam Course students for LAMDA (London Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts) examinations for approximately 6 contact hours on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons. The Exam Course terms run for 15 sessions between February - June. The sessions are usually individual (one student preparing monologues) or in pairs (two students preparing duologues)

Presenting a production for each Performance Course group, and being an active and involved member of the team during performance week (during the week of 20th – 25th June 2022). This may include assisting other teachers with their productions, attending productions, communicating with parents and troubleshooting any issues which may arise.

For more information and a full job description, please contact info@pyt.cz

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