Coronavirus Policy

Prague Youth Theatre Coronavirus Policy, Updated January 2022

  1. Sessions will take place in spacious and well-ventilated studio spaces to enable social distancing where possible.
  2. Face masks should be worn at all times inside the studio including during drop-off and collection by parents, students and staff.
  3. Hand sanitiser will be readily available and regular hand-washing before, during, and after sessions will be encouraged.
  4. Mixing students between groups will be kept to a minimum.
  5. Students should not attend any session if they or members of their family have recently been or are currently displaying any Covid 19 symptoms (fever, difficulty breathing, persistent cough etc).
  6. Parents are obliged to inform us immediately if they or their children test positive for Coronavirus at any point during the term.
  7. If a student, parent, member of staff tests positive at any point during the term appropriate measures will be taken to reduce risk to other students/parents/staff. In some cases, this may involve teaching one or more groups online for a designated period of time.
  8. If Governmental restrictions which prevent face-to-face sessions (such as a nationwide or localised lockdown) are enforced at any point during a term, courses will temporarily move online.
  9. For Performance Courses, end of term productions will take place in theatres and performed in front of live audiences wherever possible. Depending on the audience size and epidemiological situation at that time, the audience may be required to wear face masks.