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Never is an Awfully Long Time

Presented by PYT Advanced

What is a fairytale? A damsel in distress saved by a strong prince, or is “happily ever after" actually the finding of her own freedom, the making of her own choices – the discovery of her own adventure. Wendy, Alice and Dorothy are on the cusp of great change. There may be no answers at the end of the rainbow, but finding this out for themselves is the real adventure. But is there is gold, eventually? Loosely inspired by the female characters from Peter Pan, Alice in Wonderland and The Wizard of Oz, Never is an awfully long time, drops our protagonists into modern day situations giving them the brains, heart and courage to make their own decisions. The chorus of actors represents the energy of the ensemble as they morph into whatever the story demands. Music and movement throughout make this an arresting, lively and colourful, piece of theatre. The play explores themes including drug and alcohol use and addiction and may be suited to an older, experienced group and director.

Performance Dates

27 June 2020
Divadlo Kampa

The IT